A New Start

After three and a half wonderful, interesting, challenging years at ext.IT it is time to move on. I’m now working for Slalom Consulting as the Salesforce.com Solution Architect for the Seattle office.

While it was wonderful to be the big fish in a small pond, I’ve always been interested in how the larger processes work within an organization, and the opportunity to  be able to make a difference outside of just the software delivery cycle, as well as to help build a successful Salesforce.com practice for the Slalom Seattle office was too much of a temptation.

I wish ext.IT and everyone there well and thank them for the opportunities I’ve had and all the things I’ve learned during my time with them.

After focusing on blogging at my company site, I’m going to resume blogging at this site again, so watch this space!

Long time, no see

Hallo again, it’s been a while. I could come up with a whole list of excuses for the lack of updates recently, but it really boils down to two related things:

Firstly, I’ve been spending a lot of time updating my company’s website, which has been a big effort in addition to actually working on customer projects.

Secondly, I’ve started to blog over there, so there are a few posts to read on that website already. I’ll link to them with some separate posts , so that the RSS feed updates correctly.

I will be blogging again here, I promise. I’ll try and keep the corporate blogging about consulting best practices and this blog about agile, but there’s going to be some cross-over for sure.  Rather than duplicate content on both blogs, I’m choosing to link to what I post over there from here (and potentially vice-versa when it’s appropriate).