Me and the boys

Me and the boys

I’m Paddy Healey, a journeyman software developer with over 20 years experience in the IT industry. I’ve worked in many roles in IT, from a glorified tape loader on ICL mainframes, through technical trainer, consultant and developer. Over the years I’ve worked with many businesses in many different industries, on many software platforms and I have never lost my passion for solving business problems.

Today I work for Slalom Consulting, leading their Seattle CRM Practice. You can hire me, or one of the smart members of my team, by sending an email to paddyh@slalom.com.

In terms of what I intend for this website, I’ve always been interested in what works and what doesn’t in different software development methodologies and practices.

I believe that a the following statements are true about the state of software development today:

  • “One-size-fits-all” approaches often do not work, as these approaches are often adopted through dogma, rather than pragmatism and regard for the specific situation.
  • Software development is still a new industry and what we consider best practice today will be quickly superseded, so whatever approaches we take should be flexible.

Many people assume that adopting agile practices means that you either have to be incredibly technical, or have to adopt massive amounts of new processes to be successful.

While it is true that if you don’t embrace change and enter into agile in the right spirit, you will not succeed, you will find that once you try them the developer practices actually help you to grow into a more professional programmer. Agile processes are lightweight but effective, with inbuilt feedback loops to make them self improving.

With this website, I’ll be blogging about and linking to articles that show you how to be better at software. If there are practices that haven’t worked for me, I’ll tell you about those too. I also intend to build a recommended reading list for you, so that if you are getting started with agile, or are curious as to what it’s  all about, you’ll be able to find out here.

That is the philosophy behind the website.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to follow me on twitter!

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  1. Paddy~
    I’m friends & “recruiter of record” of Andy Jimenez so have been scouring for local, available, top-level talent as we’re working on a record 55+ active req’s. We are working with start-ups to clientele like Disney & Expedia. I’m sure you’ve been hounded by 20+ recruiters/firms but am hopeful we’ll be one of the last as we actually have IT backgrounds. ;)

    Please let me know when we can connect for a few minutes as we pride ourselves in individual, specialized attention not mass marketing :0)


    Mark Gosney, Sr. Recruiting Manager
    AltaSource Group LLC
    135 Lake Street South, Suite 265
    Kirkland, WA 98033
    Office: (425) 827-7711 ext. 1007

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